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Our Patron Saints Hall & Oates with one of their biggest hits:

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National Memo Day

National Waiters and Waitresses Day

One for waiters:

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 Be a Millionaire Day 

Pick Strawberries Day

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 Armed Forces Day

International Museum Day

No Dirty Dishes Day

Visit Your Relatives Day

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I just got a message from Mark F:

"The patch to fix vintage_ads and other affected communities is done and I can at least confirm the error 500s have gone away when directly viewing the community now. If you still see anyone running into problems, please try and point them towards so we can look into it! "

So if anyone has an ongoing problem with Error 500s, please open a support ticket! And yes, I replied thanking him for his communication! Mark F has always been very communicative with peoples and helpful and I--and I know many others---greatly appreciate that!
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National Bike to Work Day

Increase the efficiency of your child labor force with bicycles! 

Pack Rat Day

But wouldn't it be waaaay cooler if it were Rat Pack Day?
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Wear Purple for Peace Day

noluck_boston already took care of Love a Tree Day and because I'm still on such a learning curve with Dreamwidth, I'm just going to post one image for now and see how it goes. I'm not even going to bother with tags yet.

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Well, it WAS up....i went to post an entry to extend the contest voting by a day, remind y'all to vote for finalists and for the weekend event (ads with the letter X) and i hit post and got error 500.....

so obviously, everything is delayed and once it's back up and appears to be able to STAY UP, we'll fiddle with extending things, etc....

just posting this here in case ya stop by to check....i suppose we need to get more serious about having a designated meeting place for when LJ goes down eh?


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